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Pocket FM elevates Anurag Sharma to CFO

Pocket FM, the leading audio entertainment platform, has promoted Anurag Sharma to the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Anurag previously held the role of Vice President – Finance.

In his new capacity, Anurag Sharma will shoulder overall responsibility for Pocket FM’s financial operations, playing a crucial role in shaping the company’s financial strategy and driving its execution. He will collaborate closely with the executive team to identify growth opportunities, optimize resource allocation, foster strategic partnerships, and enhance profitability, supporting Pocket FM’s ongoing global expansions.

Rohan Nayak, CEO & Co-founder of Pocket FM, commended Anurag’s elevation, stating, “Anurag has played a pivotal role in propelling our growth journey and driving our successful global expansion. Through his strategic acumen, we have forged key partnerships that have significantly expanded our content diversity and business efficiencies. He has exhibited exceptional financial leadership, led our successful fundraising efforts, and ensured a strong trajectory for the company’s profitable and sustainable growth. We are confident that his strategic vision will continue to propel Pocket FM’s growth trajectory.”

Nayak also emphasized the company’s commitment to nurturing internal talent and providing opportunities for growth and development within the organization.

Expressing his excitement about the new role, Anurag Sharma, CFO of Pocket FM, said, “We have made remarkable progress over the past couple of years and driven exponential growth. As we continue on our path to profitability, we will forge new paths and harness the power of audio entertainment to captivate audiences around the globe. With this new role, I will continue to build a robust financial foundation, drive growth, and create immense value for our stakeholders. I am bullish about Pocket FM’s potential in the global landscape and will continue to contribute to strengthening our mission to revolutionize audio entertainment.”

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