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Publicis Worldwide and Axis Bank Launch Campaign to Help Himachal Pradesh Flood Victims

In the aftermath of the devastating floods that have struck Himachal Pradesh, Publicis Worldwide and Axis Bank have come together to initiate a heartfelt campaign aimed at raising funds for the affected communities. The digital campaign, titled ‘Help our Mountains Heal,’ seeks to make a positive impact and preserve the natural beauty of the mountains. Through this joint effort, Publicis Worldwide and Axis Bank are raising awareness about the dire situation in the flood-hit state and urging individuals to contribute to the Chief Minister’s relief fund to support the victims.

At the heart of the campaign lies a simple yet profound analogy – ‘The mountains are big and elderly, just like our elders who have nurtured, protected, and assisted us throughout the years. Now, as they face this calamity, it is our responsibility to act big and stand with them, for they, like the elders of our families, would never trouble us by asking for help.’

Srijan Shukla, Executive Creative Director at Publicis Worldwide, emphasized the intent behind the campaign, stating, “We aimed to keep the campaign simple yet impactful. In creating this initiative, we wanted to acknowledge a fundamental truth – that we owe our existence to the mountains, not the other way around. We also ensured that the grace and dignity of the mountains were never compromised.”

Pratheeb Ravi, Executive Creative Director at Publicis Worldwide, added, “The messaging aims to evoke empathy and compassion, emphasizing the harmonious relationship between humanity and nature. It acknowledges the simple truth that we owe our existence to the mountains, and now it is our turn to extend a helping hand.”

As the ‘Help our Mountains Heal’ campaign gathers momentum, Publicis Worldwide and Axis Bank are calling upon individuals, corporations, and the entire community to come forward and contribute to this noble cause. Every donation, big or small, will make a significant difference in rebuilding lives and restoring hope in Himachal Pradesh.

In these challenging times, unity and compassion are vital, and this campaign serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness between humanity and the environment. Together, we can lend a helping hand to the mountainous region, supporting the affected communities and preserving the majestic beauty of the land.

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