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FairStreet Sports (FSS) Partners with OTB Strategy for Multi-City Activations for MotoGP in India

OTB Strategy, a leading marketing agency renowned for its expertise in marketing and advertising, promotion, and community building is delighted to announce its collaboration with FairStreet Sports (FSS), a prominent race promotion company based in Noida, for a series of exhilarating multi-city activations for MotoGP Bharat in India. This partnership aims to enhance the reach of MotoGP, engage motorbike enthusiasts, and create an unforgettable experience for fans across the country.

OTB Strategy, renowned for its expertise in Marketing and Advertising, promotion, and community building, will play a pivotal role in executing a comprehensive marketing campaign. The agency’s vast experience and strategic approach will help create widespread awareness, excitement, and engagement for MotoGP Bharat events in India.

The multi-city activations will take place in nine major Indian cities, namely Ahmedabad, Kochi, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Goa, Jaipur, Chandigarh, and Delhi NCR. Each city will witness an array of thrilling activities, including mall activations, community-building initiatives, and engaging promotions, all geared towards fostering a deep connection between MotoGP and the motorbike enthusiasts in India.

Through this partnership, OTB Strategy and FSS aim to unlock the immense potential of the Indian market for MotoGP Bharat, recognizing the growing passion for motorsports and the enthusiasm of the Indian audience. The collaborative efforts will ensure that MotoGP Bharat reaches a broader audience, attracts new fans, and establishes a strong fan base in India.

Abhishek Sharrma, CEO of OTB Strategy, shared his thoughts on the partnership, saying, “We are thankful to be associated with FairStreet Sports for this ground breaking initiative, and even during the Launch we did the Bikers ride and have been happy to work with FairStreet since a year now. City Tour Activation shall bring in lot of excitement, where there will be bikers road show, stunt shows, rock concerts, influencers and of course an opportunity to win/get tickets for the MotoGP Bharat on 22nd, 23rd and 24th  September’2023.”

“We look at a larger and longer association with MotoGP Bharat. Our team is eager to leverage the marketing prowess to promote MotoGP Bharat and build a vibrant community of motorbike enthusiasts across India. Together, we aim to redefine the MotoGP experience and bring it closer to the hearts of Indian fans.”, added Sharrma.

Ajitabh Rajan, Sports Director of OTB Strategy, quoted, “This is for the first time MotoGP is coming to India and is a matter of great pride for all of us and especially for the sports fraternity. We, as OTB Strategy are committed to deliver exhilarating experience to all sports lovers and the biker’s community. We thank FairStreet Sports for their trust on us. The way we have been working since the beginning and the Launch ride, we shall continue to do our best.”

OTB Strategy and FairStreet Sports (FSS) are poised to revolutionize the MotoGP Bharat experience in India through their combined efforts. With a strategic focus on marketing and advertising, promotion, mall activations, and community building, the partnership aims to establish MotoGP Bharat as a premier motorsport in the Indian market.

Pushkar Nath Srivastava, Chief Operating Officer, FairStreet Sports, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with OTB Strategy for these multi-city activations. Their expertise and strategic approach align perfectly with our vision of expanding the reach of MotoGP Bharat in India. We believe this partnership will create unforgettable experiences for fans and ignite a new era of motorsports enthusiasm in the country.”