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Rajat Sharma Becomes Most Followed TV News Personality on Twitter Globally

Rajat Sharma, the Chairman of India TV, has become the most followed TV news personality in the world, with over 10.7 million followers on Twitter. This was revealed in Muck Rack’s “The 2023 State of Journalism on Twitter” report. Sharma is known for his two shows on India TV, namely the courtroom interview show “Aap Ki Adalat,” which has been continuously aired for the past 30 years, and “Aaj Ki Baat,” which is broadcast on weekdays at 9 pm on India TV.

Sharma’s popularity on Twitter can be attributed to his outspoken views and his ability to connect with a large online audience. He is known for his fearless reporting and his willingness to challenge guests on his shows. This has made him a popular figure among both his supporters and his detractors.

Sharma’s success on Twitter is a testament to the growing importance of social media for news organizations. Twitter provides a platform for journalists to connect with their audience in real time and to share breaking news stories. It also allows journalists to build relationships with their followers and to engage in two-way conversations.

Sharma is not the only TV news personality who has found success on Twitter. Other popular TV news personalities on Twitter include Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, and Sean Hannity. These personalities have all used Twitter to build large followings and to connect with their audience.

The growing popularity of TV news personalities on Twitter is a sign of the changing media landscape. In the past, news organizations were limited to reaching their audience through traditional media channels such as television and newspapers. However, social media has given news organizations a new way to reach their audience and to build relationships with them.

As social media continues to grow in popularity, it is likely that we will see even more TV news personalities using Twitter to connect with their audience. This will help to ensure that news organizations remain relevant in the digital age.

Here are some additional details about Rajat Sharma’s Twitter account:

He has tweeted over 100,000 times.
His tweets have been liked over 2 million times.
His tweets have been retweeted over 1 million times.
He has over 500,000 followers who are located all over the world.

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