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WhatsApp and Anushka Sharma Collaborate to Promote Private Messaging and Women’s Safety

WhatsApp believes in the importance of providing a secure environment for people to connect with their loved ones. In an effort to encourage women to engage in private conversations and check on each other’s well-being, the company has partnered with actor Anushka Sharma to launch an innovative campaign. As part of this initiative, mirrored messages will be displayed in private spaces, specifically women’s restrooms, located in malls across Delhi.

When triggered by motion, a message will appear on the restroom mirror along with a QR code. The message will encourage women to check in with each other through private WhatsApp messages. These mirrored messages will disappear without a trace, similar to the Disappearing Messages feature on WhatsApp.

By utilizing this unique approach, WhatsApp aims to emphasize the significance of private messaging for women’s safety and well-being. The campaign seeks to create awareness and provide a discreet platform for women to connect and support each other.


Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Actor, Anushka Sharma, said, “Women don’t always feel safe to speak up about issues they’re facing, however they tend to open up with a friend who reaches out to them, privately. I’ve partnered with WhatsApp to drive awareness around the importance of having a secure space for women to confide in others and how a private conversation can be empowering for women to speak up and seek help when their safety and well-being might be at risk. I truly feel it is important to check in on a friend, colleague, loved one, especially if you haven’t heard from them in a while and that one private message can be a lifeline. I am happy to be a part of this campaign that can be a safe space for women to open up.”


Sandhya Devanathan, vice president of Meta India, said, “At WhatsApp, we believe protecting users’ personal conversations with their family and friends is the most important type of privacy we can give them. We’re thrilled to add two new privacy-first features that further strengthen and add to WhatsApp’s built-in layers of protection to offer users a safe space to have their most private conversations. Through the series of mirrored messages, we’re spreading the word on the importance of checking in on a friend or a loved one, encouraging women to reach out and support each other to speak up. We hope it helps start important conversations on WhatsApp, which always start with a single private message.”

In conjunction with the latest release, Mark Zuckerberg has introduced a new privacy feature called Silence Unknown Callers, which aids in filtering out spam, scams, and calls from unfamiliar individuals, offering users enhanced control over their incoming calls. Additionally, WhatsApp is introducing Privacy Checkup, a comprehensive and user-friendly feature that guides individuals through essential privacy settings, enabling them to select the desired level of protection conveniently within a single interface.

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