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This Father’s Day, BharatMatrimony shares a special message for Indian fathers

Bharat Matrimony, India’s biggest matrimony service, kickstarts the Father’s Day celebration with an ad apologising to all fathers and beautifully portraying the father-daughter bond.

The ad is Inspired from the insight that while fathers want their daughters to marry, they find it hard to see their little girls go away. It documents shots of emotionally overwhelmed fathers during ‘bidaai’, a ritual where brides prepare to move in with their new family after bidding their parents a bittersweet farewell. While some fathers put on a brave face to hide their tears, others are shown wearing a proud, teary-eyed smile. The video ends with an ‘apology’ from BharatMatrimony for finding daughters their perfect partners and, thus, being responsible for this bitter-sweet separation.

Arjun Bhatia, Chief Marketing Officer,, said, “For fathers, marriage is a mixed bag of emotions. Often perceived as a pillar of support and strength, we wanted to reveal the more vulnerable and humane side of fathers in our message this Father’s Day. So, while we are thrilled to help couples find each other and make countless parents happy, we also feel bad about making fathers cry as their daughters leave home to make their own. So, this Father’s Day, we just want to say, ‘sorry, for all the tears and you’re welcome for all the joys.’”

Elaborating on the idea, Amit Akali, Co-founder and CCO of WYP Wondrlab, said “At Wondrlab, we always want to create work steeped in human emotion. As India’s No. 1 matrimony service, we believe BharatMatrimony is the only brand who can truly take this stance.” Adding to this Gauri Gokarn, Content Director at WYP Wondrlab, shared, “We love the idea of a big brand who is responsible for many happy weddings, saying a heartfelt “sorry” to fathers for simply doing its job well. Because as much as we may like to think of them as tears of joy, weddings are the one time when we see the fragile side of our heroes.”

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