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Univo named Siddharth Banerjee as CEO

UNIVO, a leading company that manages online programs, has appointed Siddharth Banerjee as its new CEO and a member of the board. In his new role at UNIVO, Siddharth will be in charge of guiding the company to grow and improve, making sure that UNIVO becomes the top choice for its customers.

Siddharth Banerjee brings a lot of knowledge and experience from working in consumer and technology industries. This expertise will help UNIVO grow and come up with innovative ideas in the ever-changing online higher education field. Throughout his impressive career of more than 23 years, Siddharth Banerjee held important positions in famous global companies like Unilever, Vodafone, and Facebook (now Meta). He played a significant role in their growth and adapting to the digital age. Before joining UNIVO, Siddharth was the Managing Director & SVP of Pearson India & Asia. He led his team to achieve great success, making Pearson one of the fastest-growing markets. Siddharth is also involved in industry associations and serves on their boards, showing his prominent presence in the Indian internet ecosystem.

Commenting on his appointment, Siddharth Banerjee, said, “The ecosystem of online learning is continuously evolving through transformation & UNIVO is at the forefront of this revolution. I am excited to join the team since UNIVO’s commitment to providing an accessible and high-quality learning experience aligns perfectly with my own passion for lifelong learning and enabling education through technology. I look forward to helping shape the future of online learning and making a meaningful impact on learners worldwide.”


The Management of UNIVO welcomed Siddharth stating, “We are pleased to announce the appointment of Siddharth Banerjee as the CEO of UNIVO. His outstanding achievements as a global business leader bring immense value to our organization. Siddharth’s extensive knowledge of building businesses in emerging markets and his track record of enabling digital transformation will undoubtedly propel UNIVO to new levels of success. Under his leadership, we are confident that UNIVO will continue to empower learners through transformed learning experiences & become the most preferred online program management company partner for universities worldwide.”

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