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Sociapa won digital mandate for Pansari Epicure

Sociapa, a marketing agency, has increased the number of clients it serves. The agency will now manage the digital mandate for Pansari Epicure, a product of Pansari Foods, which includes services like managing the brand’s social media accounts, launching new products, and developing campaigns and strategies. For hotels, restaurants, and cafes, the B2B brand provides a full selection of premium cuisine products.

Founder of Sociapa,Dheeraj Raj, says, “As an expert in the realm of brand communication and image building, we are delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with Pansari Epicure, a brand that effectively captures the burgeoning hospitality industry through their customer-centric solutions.”

We are well-versed in addressing the communication objectives and image-building expectations of such brands and are thrilled to extend our specialized knowledge to a trusted Indian entity like Pansari Foods. Our enthusiasm for this partnership is further fueled by the prospect of enhancing our proficiency in this segment.

Rakhee Yadav, senior marketing manager – Pansari Group says, “With Sociapa we are sure we will take our new launches to a great height on our social media to our end consumers. The team is dedicated and clear in their thoughts and approach towards work. We look forward to achieving new milestones with them.”

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