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Shiprocket named Ankur Sarawagi as Senior Vice President, Fastrr Checkout

Ankur Sarawagi has been named as Senior Vice President of Fastrr Checkout, according to a statement made by Shiprocket, an e-commerce enablement platform. Ankur co-founded NearBuy, served as Vice President and Country Manager for WeddingWire India, and co-founded NearBuy (TKWW group). He has more than a decade of experience in growth-hacking, scaling, and leading international firms. As a co-founder of NearBuy, Ankur oversaw and produced a creative and groundbreaking influence on the hyperlocal e-commerce sector in India.

As Shiprocket expands and contributes to India’s domestic and international trade, Ankur’s expertise and vision will complement the company’s vision of building an end-to-end OS of E-commerce to drive tangible impact for India’s SMEs. In his new role at Fastrr, Ankur will play a crucial role in creating new age solutions to fuel the brand’s narrative of delivering a ‘Fastrr’ and more convenient shopping experience. Ankur’s role is to further Fastrr’s vision of enabling a seamless consumer journey and drive a groundbreaking revolution in India’s online e-commerce space.

Shiprocket’s CEO & co-founder, Saahil Goel said, “Our objective at Shiprocket is to make e-commerce accessible to companies by providing a one-stop platform to help them along the way. One-click checkout is an integral part of the consumer journey that puts customer experience at the forefront. Ankur has a strong history in establishing e-commerce systems. With his skill in growth hacking and establishing scalability for global companies, Ankur will be a valuable complement to the team in adding a system of trust-driven transactions in the checkout space and accelerating our expansion to new heights.”

Ankur Sarawagi, senior vice president Fastrr on his appointment said, “I am excited to join Fastrr on their mission of delivering a seamless consumer journey and hence enabling e-commerce for BHARAT. Our mission is to empower merchants with technology-backed solutions to enable ease of doing business in India and across the globe. With this product we are aiming to build the trust between the buyers and sellers. I look forward to collaborating with Saahil and the leadership of Shiprocket to seize opportunities and be a part of this promising journey of disrupting the Indian e-commerce landscape.”

Ankur has previously served as the vice president, of International Growth, and the managing director of WeddingWire India. He began his entrepreneurial experience as the co-founder of NearBuy, India’s first and largest hyper-local e-commerce platform. He is an IIT Bombay alumnus who began his professional career with Bain & Company.

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