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FILA Debuts Hailey Bieber Collection and Campaign in India

FILA has tapped Hailey Bieber to front the brand’s new global campaign, giving the model and entrepreneur a canvas to express her unique sense of style, while utilising some of the brand’s iconic designs. The campaign featuring Hailey Bieber has debuted for the first time in India.

The campaign was photographed by Renell Medrano and styled by Hailey and Dani Michelle. Hailey is featured in a range of archival FILA pieces and staple styles, including a crewneck sweatshirt, sweater vest, oversized utility pants, and a puffer jacket, accessorising with bucket hats and FILA footwear.

The photos capture the spirit of the 90’s, from the apparel to the styling to the aesthetic, with Hailey’s homage to the era that defines her fashion choices. Working hand in hand with the brand, she brings her own point of view to FILA classics, with an interpretation that is modern and effortless.

“My style is ever-evolving and FILA’s designs are timeless and the perfect complement to my everyday wardrobe,” says Hailey. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to work closely with the brand to pull these iconic pieces and present them in a way that feels like a true reflection of my personal style.”

“Hailey has an enviable and often imitated street style, and she has quickly emerged as a fashion icon for this generation,” said Gene Yoon, Global Chairman at FILA. “As a brand, we have always celebrated individuality and a willingness to take chances in design. Hailey is fearless with her fashion choices, with a versatility, authenticity and originality in the expression of her style. FILA has organically become part of Hailey’s closet and it was a natural fit to work together on this new campaign.”

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