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Luminous launches new ‘Women in energy’ campaign to promote gender equality in the energy sector

The lack of female representation in the energy sector has been recognized as a global issue, and India is no exception. Women in the energy sector in India have encountered numerous challenges, including cultural biases, limited opportunities, and insufficient access to training and education. To address this issue and promote gender equality in the energy industry, Luminous, the most trusted power solution brand in India, has launched a new campaign, #WomenInEnergy, for International Women’s Day.  

The campaign aims to encourage more women to join the energy sector and showcase the significant role that women can play in the industry. The centerpiece of the campaign is a digital film that tells the inspiring story of Baburi Sirisha, the first linewoman in India, who overcame barriers and broke the glass ceiling to make her mark in the energy sector. The film sends a powerful message that women in the energy industry deserve equal opportunities to succeed. 

Additionally, Luminous is hosting a panel discussion on Women, Energy & The New India, featuring eminent leaders in the energy sector and starting an initiative to support women entrepreneurs across the country through its innovative energy solutions.

Neelima Burra, Chief Strategy, Transformation and Marketing Officer of Luminous, said, “Various studies have revealed that the attitude towards gender is formed at a very young age. Children are quick to internalize gender roles, norms, discrimination and stereotypical behaviour by observing their parents, family members, teachers and caregivers. Gender discrimination is often the root cause in the perpetuation of inequalities. As a leader in this industry, I believe it is crucial to create a level playing field for women and to ensure that they have equal opportunities to succeed. Through this campaign, we are taking a step towards achieving that goal and paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive future for the energy sector.”

Anusha Shetty, Chairperson & CEO of Grey Group India, agency which developed the campaign, said, “The energy sector is a critical industry that has traditionally been male dominated. It’s time to break down these barriers and empower more women to take charge in this sector. With #WomenInEnergy, we hope to inspire and encourage more women to step forward and make their mark in the energy industry.”

The #WomenInEnergy campaign is a powerful step in the right direction, and Luminous is excited to see the impact it will have on the industry and society at large.

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