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Pepperfry named Piyush Agarwal to VP, Supply Chain

Piyush Agarwal has been promoted to vice president of supply chain at Pepperfry, the top online marketplace for furniture and home goods in India. Since 2021, Piyush has been a part of Pepperfry and has contributed significantly to the conceptualization and execution of numerous Supply Chain initiatives. Piyush has been successful in building a strong logistics and storage network for Pepperfry by his dedication to excellence, leadership, and tenacity.

Under his leadership, Pepperfry has moved all its warehouse operations in-house. The company launched a spanking new warehouse in Gurgaon last year and accelerated 24-hour furniture delivery in key metros. Piyush has also ensured great cost efficiencies during an inflationary economic period. He has led end-to-end supply chains including, last mile distribution, inventory replenishment, indirect procurement, primary and secondary logistics, and imports & exports.

Ashish Shah, co-founder & chief operating officer, Pepperfry said, “At a time when multiple bottlenecks have disrupted global supply chains, Piyush has brought great control on our operating costs and efficiencies through a solid grasp over various parts of our supply chain. His promotion is a testament to his domain expertise, hard work, and constant hustle towards building an unparalleled, cost-efficient big box supply chain network.”

I am thrilled to take on more challenges. We will continue to strive harder on making timely deliveries and provide quality experiences for our customers. Our team is poised to address any sectoral challenges and I look forward to further strengthening our logistical operations as we build dream homes for tomorrow,” said Piyush Agarwal, vice president, supply chain, Pepperfry.

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