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Your Perfect Fit is Just Around the Corner

Zivame, India’s No 1 intimate wear brand, announces its new initiative Fit Pledge that is aiming to help 5lac women across the country find their right size.

The intimate wear category in India even today has sensitivities and taboos associated with it, leading to women not really seeking solutions to problems they face. Around 80% of the women in India don’t know their right size and struggle with uncomfortable intimate wear every day. And Zivame’s Fit Pledge initiative has been built to address this very serious concern.

Zivame’s brand mission has always been to break taboos that surround this category and help women navigate and find solutions so that intimate wear is not something one has to suffer with through the day.

The Fit Pledge initiative is encouraging women to visit Zivame stores and get themselves measured with the help of our Fit Advisors. The experts in the Zivame stores will give personalized consultations and help women not only find their right size but also identify their breast profile and discover products that are suited for them.

Khatija Lokhandwala, Head Marketing- Zivame, said “We obsess over the right fit – to us, it’s a mantra, a movement, a mission to help you discover what makes you feel confident inside out. Zivame helps you discover the right fit for your body so you feel empowered and confident to seize the day. All day. Everyday.”

The brand has tied up with celebrities like Kritika Khurana and Sayani Gupta, who have joined this mission to help women find their right fit.

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