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Deepak Chahar launches fantasy gaming platform ‘TFG’

Indian cricketer Deepak Chahar has launched the fantasy game platform TFG, making him a newcomer to the gaming industry (Trade Fantasy Game).

Together with his wife Jaya Chahar, who will act as CEO of the sports technology business, JCDC Sports, the initiative represents his foray into entrepreneurship.

The cricketer, who will serve as both a brand ambassador and a connection point for his fan base of over 5 million users across platforms, will try to interact and engage with them.

Deepak Chahar, Co-founder and Brand Ambassador, said, “This is thrilling and I am looking forward to this new venture as an entrepreneur. TFG will allow me to reach my fans in a whole new way. I hope to leverage my knowledge of cricket and harness technology to reach out to millions while connecting and engaging with them and adding value to the sport and the cricketing ecosystem as well.”

Commenting on the new venture, Jaya Chahar, Founder & CEO, JCDC Sports, said “The gaming industry has been witnessing fast paced growth and seeing a rise in gamers daily. Being from the cricketing community, this venture was the best way to extend ourselves by entering the cricket fantasy space and taking the sport from the field to the gaming arena.”

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