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Columbia Pacific Communities Publishes “The Little Book of Greatness”: A Book Outlining the Six Pillars of “Positive Ageing”

Columbia Pacific Communities (CPC), India’s largest and the most preferred operator of senior living communities, honours the spirit and principle of positive ageing, by launching a book titled ‘The Little Book of Greatness’. This unique book has been carefully curated to feature six senior citizens who have led and continue to lead extraordinary lives by embracing the six principles of ‘positive ageing,’ which is the core philosophy of CPC.

The purpose of the book is to popularise and increase awareness about the concept of positive ageing, which is a simple idea that enables seniors to age positively and assists them in leading longer, healthier, happier, more connected lives. Physical Fitness, Mental Wellbeing, Emotional Soundness, Nutritional Enhancement, Intellectual Prowess, and Spiritual Enlightenment are the six pillars of positive ageing that the book highlights.

The book is divided into six sections, each of which represents a different pillar of positive ageing. Each section chronicles the life of a senior who is an emblem of the said pillar and describes how they lead an exemplary and spirited life. Ad Guru Prahlad Kakkar (72), Masterchef Tamil finalist Senguttuvan Subburathina (73), veteran journalist and author Bachi Karkaria (77), potli maker Latika Chakravorti (92), centenarian Mr. Sarathy (101), and spiritual devotee John Lazaro (75) are the six seniors who share their incredible life stories and philosophies in the book.

Speaking on the launch, Mohit NirulaChief Executive OfficerColumbia Pacific Communities said, “This book details the experiences of inspiring individuals who have managed to decipher what it means to lead a full, happy, and content life with countless opportunities at every turn. I’m thrilled to be launching this book that perfectly embodies what Columbia Pacific Communities (CPC) stands for, which is to inspire and empower people to live better lives by embracing positive ageing in their lifestyles, whether or not they are seniors. The fascinating true stories in this book provide some excellent life lessons, lessons that encourage one to live a more fulfilling life.”

Dr Karthiyayini Mahadevan, Head of Wellness and Wellbeing at Columbia Pacific Communities, said, “The six pillars of positive ageing, which have been defined from a medical perspective, are physical fitness, mental wellbeing, emotional soundness, nutritional enhancement, intellectual prowess, and spiritual enlightenment. You can discover the inspiring lives of several notable seniors in the pages of this small book, including one of the most respected men in advertising in the nation who attributes his success to emotional intelligence, a veteran journalist and author with a keen intellect, a Master Chef who wants to change the way people eat, a centenarian who finds happiness and comfort in walking, a woman who reinvented herself in her 90s, and a devoutly spiritual golden ager who bravely fought life’s most difficult battles. Each one is an intriguing story of ardour, commitment, tenacity, and delight.”

Speaking on the launch, Bachi Karkaria, Indian journalist and columnist said, “It is always a pleasure working for Columbia Pacific Communities if only in my limited capacity as a journalist. I would like to thank the team for making me a part of this so-needed project for seniors. I love their sensitivity and professionalism. I wish the project the very best.”

The book is accessible to prospects, residents, future residents of Columbia Pacific Communities, partners of the company and anybody else who would like to understand the principles of ageing positively better.

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