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Myprotein India unveils #YoureAlreadyReady campaign

As the new year begins, the first thing that every one of us sees is how our fitness regime looks. We all walk up to the mirror and call out resolutions of how we will start working out differently this year to get closer to our fitness goal. Irrespective of the stage of your fitness journey, Myprotein – a global sports nutrition major – has unveiled its new campaign #YoureAlreadyReady to keep you inching closer to your fitness goals.

Fitness is not a destination but a journey and keeping pace with it requires commitment. Although the journey can be thought to be a linear process, every individual is at a different stage compared to others in their fitness journey and needs to keep up with their own pace to achieve their goals.

Knowing that everyone has a Day 1, Myprotein has unveiled the #YoureAlreadyReady campaign to help everyone understand that you don’t need to be an expert in the field to take part in any activity.

As part of #YoureAlreadyReady, Myprotein invites everyone on their fitness journey to record and post their fitness journey in mini vlog formats across social media to showcase where they started and how far they will go.  

Last but not the least, Myprotein’s fitness content creators such as Gaurav Taneja, Mukesh Gahlot, Anuj Tyagi, Daman Singh, Vaishnavi Boora, Sonali Swami, Vedarth Thappa, and Sangeet Nath are going to showcase their daily functional activities like sprinting to get the bus, picking up grocery bags, and lifting boxes of packages received, instead of just presenting their exercise reps from the gym.

Speaking about the #YoureAlreadyReady campaign, a spokesperson at Myprotein said, “Someone’s fitness journey is a never-ending one. Every individual is at a different stage compared to others. What often happens is people fall prey to not achieving results while compared to that of others and hence quit the whole fitness journey itself. Through the #YoureAlreadyReaady campaign, we at Myprotein strive to inspire individuals to start and keep participating and continuing in their fitness journey without thinking about the outcome. We are asking all fitness enthusiasts and influencers to record and share their fitness and nutrition journey across their social media channels to show everyone that #YoureAlreadyReady.”

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