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iThrive releases a new Christmas campaign, highlighting the role of community support in improving health #SpreadTheSpiritofHealth

The Pune-based health and wellness start-up iThrive has launched a new Christmas campaign #SpreadTheSpiritofHealth. The film depicts people making positive health changes and resultantly inspiring their peers to do the same. It shows how a positive change made by someone can inspire another person, who then further inspires more people, thus creating a ripple effect of positive health changes in society.

This Christmas, iThrive  wants  to focus on the small things we as a society can do to improve our health and the health of our loved ones. Diet and lifestyle changes are not made in a single day, it’s a step-by-step process and one that we can help each other through.

We understand that making health transformations is a gradual step-by-step process and requires community support. That is why our primary product, the Alive program, is a 3-month program where a nutritionist and health coach constantly guides you.  Additionally, you’re added to a lifelong online health support group where members exchange health tips and encourage each other through their respective health journeys. We wanted to communicate these ideas in our campaign as well”, shared Prasad Gade, Head of  Marketing, iThrive.

The importance of community support for good health cannot be stated enough. The importance of mental and emotional health is quite well understood today. Community support is the most important part of that. There are so many studies demonstrating that the feeling of being loved and having good friends are strongly associated with positive health outcomes. It is rooted in our ancestral genetic makeup because we evolved to survive in tribes that did everything together.”, said Mugdha Pradhan, CEO and Founder, iThrive.

The 3-year-old startup, which also sells a line of supplements formulated in-house and a 4-month exclusive course on functional nutrition, is running a few more activities to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. This includes a healthy Christmas baking contest where participants are forbidden to use certain unhealthy ingredients such as refined flour and refined sugar, and a series of 12 social media posts on the 12 days of Christmas, covering valuable health tips.

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