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Festive celebrations autographed by Sirca India with a campaign conceptualized by DigiStreet

Sirca brings back the true meaning of celebrations with their brand-new campaign ‘This Festivity, Autograph Your Celebrations’by establishing that “Everyone celebrates the festivity but special are those which are celebrated together.”In today’s time, we are losing the essence of celebrating together with modern mediums of connectivity. Unarguably, it can never take over the happiness and the bonds developed in person with immense joy experienced by the warmth of togetherness. As, in this world of consciousness, nothing is as fulfilling as relishing relations.

Sirca as a brand has been autographing the lifestyle of its consumers with an unmatchable quality of products along with the services that they offer. The premium wood coatings and wall textures of Sirca decorate a luxury living that blesses your space with tasteful Italian finesse. Well, the festive season is no exception. To add value to the festive spirit, Sirca came up with a campaign that says, ‘This Festivity, Autograph Your Celebrations,’ where the word ‘Festivity’ works as an adaptor for Christmas & New Year and was inspired by the current brand communication ‘Your Italian Autograph’.

The Joint Managing Director, Apoorv Agarwal, expressed his thoughts on the campaign saying, “Since its inception, Sirca India is synonymous with premium décor and imparting quality experience, catering to the niche that it serves. The idea behind this campaign was to make Sirca an essential part of people’s celebrations as we truly autograph it with our best-in-class products, services, and the value we add to upgrade their quality of life. I believe it has surely spoken to the heart of its viewers, hence, translating the message that we intended to deliver.”

“The film is about creating a connection with the audience during an important festive occasion for the category, since the brand has roots in Italy. However, we wanted to bring forth core modern Indian sensibilities and lifestyle. As a result, the team decided on the film’s overall look during concept development, elevating the style because that is important for the brand, creating a connection through surprise,showcasing the product through visual narrative, and ultimately showing the celebration between couple while placing Sirca as an integral, lifestyle and home decor need,” said Darpan Sharma, CEO and Strategist of DigiStreet.

What started off as a simple festive campaign, eventually catapulted to a 360-degree digital approach and social media extensions. The full-fledged cinematic experience encapsulates a feel-good story that is bound to bring a smile to your face. The film production served true to its purpose and was conceptualized on the lines of 3S which stand for ‘Style, Substance, and Surprise’. Here style signifies the elegance with which the finishes grace the overall décor, substance stands for the value that Sirca coatings add to the surfaces, and with multiple elements, the sense of surprise has built up in the film representing the class and happiness that compliments the festive look and feel to the core.

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