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Tata Soulfull promises a “BetterForYou” Breakfast with its new ad

With the new tagline, “Better Crunch, Wholesome Munch,” Tata Soulfull has launched its first-ever digital campaign for the product line, Tata Soulfull Millet Muesli.

The dialogue in the 30-second movie is animated and banter-style. It depicts a young, health-conscious couple joking around with their breakfast selection. The advertisement turns the bland, practical representation of muesli into a quirky, appealing version that appeals to the audience. It adopts an entirely new approach to millet marketing while focusing on its target audience, who are looking for better options that align with their aspirations.

“We have a strong millet-based product pipeline, which we will continue to build in line with the United Nations’ announcement of the International Year of Millets 2023.”, he further added.

The multi-media digital campaign has been created and executed by Wondrlab. Amit Akali, CCO and Co-founder, Wondrlab, added, “Muesli is the default breakfast of choice for younger, affluent lifestyles. So, we set the film amongst one such couple and integrated the product into their relationship and everyday life. The other task we put on ourselves was to do justice to an amazing product.  The difference between Tata Soulful Millet Muesli and ordinary Muesli is actually visible, be it the wholegrains or fruits. Therefore, we focused on visually bringing this difference alive, through beautiful product shots.”

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