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NittyGritti named Pitchfork Partners as Strategic Communication Counsel

Pitchfork Partners has been chosen by NittyGritti to serve as its strategic communication advisor. As the brand expands operations beyond Amazon’s English-speaking territories, they will work closely with the company to solidify its position as the greatest content audit platform in the world. NittyGritti has also put out RFPs to sign up an entire partner ecosystem, across digital, social, events, content, and creative, in an effort to further strengthen its go-to-market strategy.

Former Amazon Executive, Nikita Bhargav, CEO & Co-Founder, NittyGritti, said: “With AI and content at its core, NittyGritti is a unique platform that aids Amazon retailers better their business. Auditing content to ease customer experience and boost conversions is critical for brands and that’s where strategic communication comes to play. We are delighted to have Pitchfork Partners take the platform to the next level by leveraging their expertise & experience in the space. Over the next few weeks, we will be onboarding other partners in the marketing space, even as we step up recruitment plans and bring in exceptional talent. I’m confident with these additions to the team, the best is yet to come!”

Anand Siva, adman & former WPP business head, now Head of Business Excellence and Co-founder, NittyGritti shared: “The strategies that Pitchfork Partners brought forth were ones that resonated most with our business purpose with a keen sense of understanding the space, and a commitment to excellence. That should help us communicate with potential clients and media, as we commence our outreach to brands, agency partners, aggregators and ecom service providers. With a unique solution to a perpetual problem brands face, NittyGritti is an ally to every company that helps brands win on Amazon, and that’s the communication challenge we expect Pitchfork to take head on”.

Jaideep Shergill, Founding Partner, Pitchfork Partners, said: “At Pitchfork Partners, we are on a mission to take care of our clients’ reputation, thereby creating a true business impact. We are excited about this association, as NittyGritti is way ahead of the curve when it comes to content companies globally. We are privileged to represent them and help build their reputation across markets.”

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