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Zoo Media named Tanima Dhawan as National HR Director

Tanima Dhawan has been promoted to National HR Director at Zoo Media, the biggest independent provider of digital media services in India. Tanima’s job will require her to oversee the culture and talent at all of Zoo Media’s partner, acquired, and owned agencies across the nation. Her primary duties include developing a talent acquisition strategy that is in line with Zoo Media’s ambitious expansion ambitions, implementing targeted learning and development initiatives, and fostering a strong network culture. Pratik Gupta and Suveer Bajaj, the co-founders, will continue to be Tanima’s supervisors.

Tanima started her career at FoxyMoron, (Zoo Media’s flagship full-funnel creative and performance digital agency), as a senior human resources executive in 2014. She rose through the ranks to assume the role of FoxyMoron’s HR Director in 2017. She was promoted to HR Director at Zoo Media in 2020. Tanima, in just 8 years, has been pivotal to the network’s growth from 150 to 600+ employees. As a leader, she has been instrumental in managing talent acquisition, team restructuring, employee career development, and overseeing smooth employee transitions within the network. Keeping the network’s culture goals and employee well-being at the helm, she has conceptualized successful mentorship models; introduced holistic leave policies like paternity and wellness leaves; initiated perks with strategic partners for discounts on travel bookings, and gym memberships. She has also onboarded certified partners to provide employees with mental health counseling support.

Speaking on the elevation, Suveer Bajaj, Co-founder, of Zoo Media said, “Tanima has played an integral part in Zoo Media’s growth. Her relentless commitment has ensured a strong, diverse talent pool that is aligned with our values and committed to the network’s vision. With Zoo Media now marking its presence on foreign soils, and our business expanding manifolds, Tanima’s experience, and understanding of our eco-system will be integral to the culture and legacy we create at Zoo as we build for the agency network of the future.”

Commenting on the new role, Tanima Dhawan said, “In my stint so far, I have ensured that the essence of the environment within the organization is, motivated, empathetic, equitable, and inclusive. The new age work culture demands more from a company. People are looking for a company culture that adds value and enriches their life. At Zoo Media, empathy is the epicenter of everything we do. We are an employee-first organization, where we prioritize employee needs first. It’s an exciting time for us at Zoo and, I look forward to building a workforce of empowered people united in our mission and vision”

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