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Yuvraj Singh’s tastefully designed home is a Sportsman’s paradise

In the heart of Chandigarh, Punjab, lies the dream home of India’s legendary cricketer, Yuvraj Singh. Behind the charming personality of the swashbuckler known for his flamboyant style, is his relentless work ethic. In the third episode of Asian Paints Where The Heart Is Season 6, viewers will get to see the warm and thoughtfully designed abode of the cricketing icon, which displays a beautiful balance of elegance with touches of flair.

The passion that Yuvraj exhibited for cricket can also be seen in his dedication to building his home. He gave every bit of his heart to building the home. After much of the construction was completed, he demolished it and rebuilt it from scratch to ensure the home was perfect. The stunning two-storey home has a very contemporary facade with geometric patterns and captures memories well lived. Each corner represents moments of inspiration or experience that have influenced him throughout his life such as his childhood passion for table tennis and snooker.

Every home has a focal point that acts as its emotional or spiritual centre, and for Yuvraj, it is his ‘Wall of Fame’. A tribute to his illustrious cricketing career, it was built with love and pride by his mother: both the Man of the Series bat from 2011 and the six sixes bat from 2007 hang here, alongside the ball he used to score his five wickets at the World Cup.

Yuvraj’s home has a fully kitted gym and a recovery pool, to stay fit. In the pursuit of satisfying his new obsession, Golf; a golf simulator is being constructed on the roof. There is a distinctive atmosphere here with stark white walls and large floor to ceiling windows that let in a lot of light. The rooms include rustic accents that meld with contemporary.

On the terrace, viewers will see why Yuvraj and his mother chose this spot to build the home; there’s mountains up ahead, and a view that’s luscious green and beautiful. That’s the spot for their morning tea, and it’s the perfect metaphor for this part of Yuvraj’s life: quiet, peaceful, and far from the madding crowd.

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