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Urbane Luxury named Abhijit Chitnis as VP – Brand Collaborations & Marketing

Abhijit Chitnis has been named the new Vice President of Brand Collaborations & Marketing at Urbane Premium, a well-known name in the luxury lifestyle market. Chitnis is a renowned thought leader in the hospitality business who has worked in the field for more than 20 years. The industry has recognised him for his excellent accomplishments and contributions to the fields of hospitality services, events, and sports. His primary areas of competence are brand alliances, sales, and marketing. Chitinis, a graduate in hospitality management, has worked with prestigious companies like Marriott Hotels, Le Meridian, and Hyatt, to name a few.

A recipient of the prestigious Hotelier India award for the Best Director of Marketing in India 2015 and the Marriott Asia Pacific Award for the Best Director of Marketing in Asia Pacific 2016,  Chitnis in his current role will be responsible for brand collaborations and spearhead marketing strategies and efforts in order to strengthen the company’s market position and achieve desired business goals.

Commenting on the appointment Abhishek Kulkarni – MD Urbane Luxury said, ‘We are pleased to announce the appointment of Abhijit Chitnis as our new Vice President – Brand Collaborations & Marketing. We decided to bring Abhijit as the VP because of his remarkable work in the hospitality industry for the last 2 decades. His proven expertise in bringing big brand collaborations and his creative marketing initiatives will help us ramp up company operations and will help us carve a niche in this sector.’

On his appointment as the Vice President – Brand Collaboration & Marketing, Abhijit Chitnis expressed , “I am happy and excited to take on this role and thank Abhishek Kulkarni and the Urbane Group for believing in me and my passion for marketing. I look forward to leading the company to new heights and bringing value to the company.”

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