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Superdry named Kartik Aaryan as first brand ambassador for India

Superdry has onboarded Bollywood actor KARTIK AARYAN as its newest brand ambassador for the Indian market. The campaign titled ‘YOU GOT THIS’, takes inspiration from anime animation to channel the consumers inner super-self. The photoshoot and film will run alongside a dedicated microsite, created as an extension of, to showcase key styles that are available to buy on the website and to further engage with the target audience.

Kartik Aaryan will act as a Superdry ambassador to represent the brand in India, speaking to younger consumers within this market and help to target an audience of a younger demographic within the Gen-Z community.

Superdry founder and CEO, Julian Dunkerton, says of the partnership, “We are delighted to have Kartik Aaryan on board as our newest brand ambassador for India. Kartik’s individual style and wide fan base speaks to the Gen-Z consumer that we are targeting with this campaign. Kartik’s reach within the Indian market is incredible, with a massive 27M following on Instagram, he has a real connection to young people in India. As a global brand, we really need to associate ourselves with talent who embody the brand values we stand for, which Kartik does for this market. I’m excited to see how this partnership progresses and to have Kartik as part of the Superdry family”.

Speaking on his new brand ambassador role with Superdry, Bollywood superstar, Kartik Aaryan, says, “I am so excited to kick-off this partnership with my favourite fashion brand. Superdry is a part of my everyday wardrobe. The brand strikes a perfect balance of being bold, stylish, and adventurous, something that I personally resonate with the most. My vibe is vibrant yet relaxed, which is expertly reflected in the brand’s offering. I can’t wait for all of the exciting things in store for us”.

The newly launched ‘YOU GOT THIS’ campaign was curated on the concept of everyone having a ‘super’ side to themselves, with an accompanying tagline that reassures and encourages the consumer to be confident in their ability to be a ‘super’ individual.

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