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Sublime Life named Abhilasha Seth as Senior Manager – Community & Collaborations

Abhilasha Seth has been named as a senior manager by Sublime Life, an online retailer of handpicked, clean beauty items, to lead and improve community and collaboration efforts.

Seth will be in charge of the #Sublimakers affiliate marketing initiative. This will entail choosing and integrating affiliates to advance the sustainability pillar of “brand relationship” for Sublime Life. She will support Sublime Life in strategically establishing and expanding communities, ensuring that brand connection and loyalty among customers grow within communities.

Commenting on the appointment, Dr. Deep Lalvani, Founder of Sublime Life said, “ Abhilasha is a powerful force with a never-ending drive to further Sublime Life’s vision and goal. She possesses the knowledge, experience, and leadership skills needed to guide the team in producing their finest work. Her understanding of the beauty industry, paired up with her determination to build sustainable communities is an asset for the company and its partners.”

Reflecting on her new role, Abhilasha Seth, Senior Manager – Community & Collaborations, said, “The beauty industry is vast, and so are its environmental impacts but what drove me towards Sublime Life is that their values align seamlessly with mine. I’m ecstatic to begin a fresh chapter with the brand and explore what this position entails for me. To be able to bring a change through communities and collaborations is interesting yet challenging – I’m ready to savour every bit of this journey while steering the brand towards exponential growth.”

Seth is a Business Administration graduate with additional qualifications of an MA in Mass Communication and an MSc in International Luxury and Brand Management. Her educational background backed by her previous professional experience with a cruelty-free indie cosmetics brand aligns her with values Sublime Life dearly harbours – transparency, honesty, and authenticity.

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