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The 3rd Global Vertical Farming Show to Hit the Floor this 29th & 30th November

The 3rd Global Vertical Farming Show India is a highly anticipated and revolutionary event, with the previous two editions being a global success and also taking into account the recent developments in the horticulture industry of India.

Following the conclusion of the previous one in Dubai, this time it will be held on the 29th & 30th of November 2022 in New Delhi at  Welcomhotel By ITC, Dwarka.

The show organizer TAB group is excited to onboard some of the top international companies like Qualiplast, Vertaag, Inhydro, Accenture, Kokosflora, Nutrifresh Farms, Jain Irrigation Systems, UrbanPonics, Urbinati S.r.l., Emesh Farms Technik, Bioled Eco Light Systems, Agam Photovoltaic Solution, Multivac, Ideal Agri-Business Services, Flora Consult, Grow Rich, K.D.S. Coir Farm, Lumen Electronics, Brio Hydroponics, Simply Fresh, FutrAgTech, Hindustan Agri Business, AS Agri & Aqua, Go coir, Netafirm, Isaayu Farms, Fraser Techno Circuits, Sangam India, Sinolanka, Payir Corp, Kelltech Energies, etc. and many others who will be showcasing their top-notch products and high-end solutions to the market.

With the support from Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare – GOI, Indian Chamber of Food and Agriculture (ICFA), Invest India, National Horticulture Board (NHB), Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR), Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI), National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA), Climate Centre for Cities, Grant Thornton, Association of Vertical Farming-India and many others, GVF India aims to revitalize the entire landscape of how agriculture is being practised in the world and specifically the Asian Market by highlighting the developments of Urban Agriculture, Hydroponics, CEA and Vertical Farming.

As we await the show with so much excitement, TAB group organized its pre-event webinar themed around the Post-pandemic battle to achieve Sustainability via Urban Farming and  Hydroponics – Revolutionizing Indian Agriculture through Advanced Technologies, Start-ups and Partnerships which attracted a lot of audiences.

We are preparing for one of the most spectacular events in modern agriculture, which will target global industry leaders, experts, ministries, and associations working in this sector. The event directly targets the entire value chain,  as well as raising awareness of the need for sustainability in today’s world by incorporating new and advanced forms of agriculture,” said Mohhamad Talha Sarwar, Project Manager, GVF India.

At GVF 2022 India, the team is looking forward to host Vertical Farming and protected cultivation  Enthusiasts and policy makers to drive the change in India. If this emerging industry’s commercial viability entices you, here is the registration link for participation.

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