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DPhi rebrands itself to AI Planet

A couple of years back, we conceptualized the name “DPhi” for our new adventure. With a geeky touch to it, the name DPhi resonated with our community, where ‘D’ represented Data and “Phi” represented a commonly used statistical function. But as we grew bigger, we realized that new members of our community and many people beyond it faced difficulties when it came to remembering or pronouncing DPhi’s name correctly. (They call it “Defi”, “De-phy” or “D-P-H-I”).

This brought things to perspective. We as a team always sought to build something that would outlast our legacy, and as DPhi aims to democratize AI education and make AI applications accessible to all, we felt an apt name that is easy to remember is essential to our mission to reach the masses. Eventually, we came to terms with the fact that changing our name is never too late. While changing the original name involved some emotional turmoil, we made the decision to put the future ahead of ourselves and look forward to creating a much larger impact. Hence, we considered the option of rebranding and were looking for an impactful name that resonates with our purpose and vision, as well as allows us to grow and impact the masses. That’s when we zeroed in on AI Planet and a new address, i.e.

While re-branding is tough, our team members and the community made it easy for us. We did an internal brainstorming session for the name, and AI Planet was conceptualized by some of the team members. Interestingly, when we took a bunch of suggestions to our community, AI Planet received the most support and carried the most impact from all the suggestions.

The name AI Planet is conceived with the notion of becoming a planet of AI. Like our planet, our growing community represents a massive group of visionaries, creators/builders, and educators who want to shape a better tomorrow. AI Planet will be the catalyst that will empower everyone with the essentials to craft an ecosystem that solves some of the key challenges of humanity with the help of artificial intelligence.

While we are renamed, our objective and purpose remain unchanged. We are committed to our objective to build an ecosystem to educate and build AI for the people, by the people. And most importantly, we are building this ecosystem with an inclusive approach with the help of our global community.

With AI Planet, we look forward to making AI accessible to everyone!

“We are excited to announce that DPhi is now AI Planet. We rebranded DPhi to AI Planet reflecting on our endeavor to prepare the world for the AI era. We believe that democratizing AI education and making AI applications accessible to everyone will go a long way in shaping the future and solving meaningful problems. The new name is synonymous with our vision of creating an ecosystem to educate and build AI for the people, by the people. Together with our global community, we look forward to making AI accessible to everyone.” says  Chanukya Patnaik (Founder & CEO of AI Planet, previously DPhi)

DPhi is currently backed by Fit 4 Start, Startup Chile, and Microsoft for Startups. Its recent inclusion in Fit 4 Start program supported by the Luxembourg government further empowers them to establish a strong presence in the European market and allows them to build a global AI marketplace with the help of High-Performance Computing facilities provided as part of the program.

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