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iThrive named Prasad Gade as Marketing Head

Prasad Gade has been named as the Head of Marketing by the health and wellness startup iThrive. Prasad will be in charge of the company’s overall marketing strategies, brand positioning, sustainable growth, and cutting-edge marketing innovations.

He has over 7 years of experience, has worked with many startups in the past, co-founded two, and has been a catalyst for the rapid growth of all businesses. In numerous businesses like AmbiTech Healthcare, Study IQ Education, Xoomclass, and Cre8Gre8, Prasad has effectively created and scaled the firm. Prasad’s strategies heavily rely on marketing automation, growth hacks, and notions of marketing that are then followed by performance marketing.

He further contributes to the Indian startup ecosystem by creating YouTube videos and sharing amazing content about emerging ventures.

Mugdha Pradhan, CEO and Founder, iThrive, said, “When we hired Prasad, I gave him a simple task which was to make iThrive a household name to the point of this catchphrase ‘Health bole to iThrive’ becoming part of everyone’s vocabulary. Not only does he have to drive all our marketing efforts in that direction, but he also has the huge responsibility of bringing our small, highly creative, yet disparate team of writers, designers, and social media executives together and streamlining all our marketing processes in line with our culture. It’s not an easy job, and I wish him all the best on the road ahead, and I am looking forward to his growth and success.”

Prasad Gade, Head of Marketing, iThrive, said, “I aspire to share the niche knowledge of functional nutrition with the masses by associating with iThrive. I believe that disease is not a life-long sentence, and with care, one can reverse any ailment and live their best life. My goal is to make iThrive a household na

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