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Asian Paints ‘Where The Heart Is’ Returns with Stories of Beautiful Celebrity Homes in Season 6

Home is where the heart is; nothing bears better testimony to this fact than the passion and creativity with which a person does up their home. During the last two years, this feeling of oneness with homes has been consolidated even more as we spent quality time there with our family and dear ones. To enliven this very concept of how one connects with one’s home, Asian Paints is back with their original home decor web series, ‘Asian Paints Where The Heart Is’. Viewers will be given a walk through the homes of admired celebrities who have opened up their homes, and by extension their hearts, for a glimpse into their personal spaces.

The much-awaited series that takes audiences on a journey of discovering beautiful homes and the people who have poured their heart into building them, will remind us of why our homes are our sanctuary. As with all previous seasons of the series, viewers will get a personal tour of the homes by the celebrities themselves and can also pick up decor inspirations for their own homes. The episodes will carry the signature warmth expressed by each of the personalities who are all self-made in their respective fields. The season will depict how these achievers unwind in their homes and what inspires their personal decor choices.

Asian Paints ‘Where The Heart Is’ Returns with Stories of Beautiful Celebrity Homes That Enthral as Well as Inspire in Season 6

Watch the trailer for Asian Paints Where The Heart Is Season 6

All the episodes of Season 6 will go live on November 14th, on Asian Paints’ digital platforms. For the first time, this digital series will be streaming on OTT platform, Voot as well.

This year the likes of Anil Kapoor & Harshvardhan Kapoor, Pooja Hegde, Yuvraj Singh, PV Sindhu, Jim Sarbh, and Mouni Roy will be opening their doors to viewers, offering a glimpse into their homes which is an extension of their lives and their personalities.

There will be new elements in this season for viewers to enjoy and take inspirations from. The episodes will incorporate a special ‘Build Book’ segment showing celebrities browsing through a design guide with decor elements in their homes. The segment will guide consumers to, the Asian Paints website, a veritable decor guide for consumers. The website offers a vast and varied selection of products from Asian Paints’ catalogue of decor, lighting, furniture and more. Viewers can derive inspiration from what they see on the show and recreate a similar look for their own spaces with the help and range of products on

Using a spaces-first approach, viewers will get more insights into the inner world of their favourite star’s home, whether it’s a bold change that reflects confidence in their decor choices or a modest adjustment. The upcoming season aims to capture the warm, lived-in corners of celebrities’ homes that represent who they truly are, their personality, their aspirations and their sense of style. Additionally, viewers will get to discover the celebrity’s understanding of family, bonding and what a home means to them. The episodes will delve into the significance of relationships. It will portray how one experiences peace and harmony when they spend time with dear ones in a home built with love.

Commenting on the new season, Amit Syngle, MD and CEO, Asian Paints Limited, said, “I am pleased to announce the launch of Season 6 of the much-loved home series, Asian Paints Where The Heart Is. The season returns with inspiring stories of self-made personalities who have been ruling the hearts of millions around the world. While this continues being a digital first content piece pivoted on YouTube, we have also partnered with Voot, in order to strengthen our digital footprint and reach out to more consumers through the OTT medium. Viewers not only get the opportunity to see the homes of the personalities that they’ve built with passion, but also hear them share their stories, their lives and what their homes mean to them.”

Speaking on the new Build Book segment, Syngle added, “In the new season, viewers can go ahead and take design and decor inspirations from the show and recreate those for themselves with products from the decor offerings of the House of Asian Paints, available on The series has always given our consumers a platform to derive inspiration from and to design beautiful homes of their own. With the new season that shall continue with the specially curated style guides made for each episode.”

Joshua Karthik, Co-founder, Stories in Motion“For half a decade now, Asian Paints has set a visual benchmark for home shows in India, and Where The Heart Is, is beloved for the way it brings the love for home and hearth to the fore. The sixth season’s stars join a long and illustrious list of celebrities that have opened their homes and their lives to us, and this is a reflection of the emphasis Asian Paints places on the emotion that’s at the heart of everything they do: a true love for the idea of home.”

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