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Bzinga named Mayank Jha as its new Senior Vice President – Innovation and Technology

Bzinga, India’s first and only inverse auction platform in the e-commerce space, named Mayank Jha as its new Senior Vice President – Innovation and Technology.
A seasoned technologist with more than 20 years of experience in both large companies and start-ups, Mayank comes in with a penchant for being a change-maker. He will be leading the development and dissemination of the technology for external customers, vendors, and other clients, as well as building and managing the team to maintain it.
His career spans companies like Yahoo, Amazon, Thomson Reuters, HCL Technologies, Melorra, Tesco, and Golfland. His team was responsible for increasing the overall conversions on the product pages for Amazon globally. Mayank specializes in eCommerce, online retail, product management, and building fail-fast scalable platforms. His technological expertise will surely help to bring in a new perspective to the current stream of ideas.  Perpetually in pursuit of perfection, his keen understanding of technology pivots makes him the ideal person to drive innovations and technologies in Bzinga.
‘’We welcome Mayank to Bzinga. He understands the finer nuances of e-commerce technology. His vast experience in building highly scalable online shopping platforms makes him the apt choice to spearhead the technological innovations at Bzinga. We, at Bzinga, are keen to collaborate with him. “, says Samir Gupta, Chief Business Officer, Bzinga.
Commenting on his appointment and the opportunities ahead, Mayank Jha states, “Bzinga is a true changemaker in combining gaming and consumer research, using cutting-edge technology to create value for users and business customers. It is indeed exciting to be a part of Bzinga at this stage of the growth of the business. 
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