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Ipsos named Lauren Demar as Chief Sustainability Officer and Global Head of ESG

Ipsos named Lauren Demar appointed as Chief Sustainability Officer and Global Head of ESG.

Lauren joined Ipsos in July 2002 and has spent the past 20 years in a variety of executive roles working across our company. Her prior positions included Global Chief Growth Officer, overseeing our Local Client Organizations, and Global CEO for Ipsos’ practise areas of Market Strategy and Innovation. The global executive committee of Ipsos has Lauren as a member.

In her new role, Lauren Demar will be overseeing the ESG program, focusing on Ipsos’ work on carbon reduction and sustainability, as well as its global social and charitable programs, its work on inclusion and diversity, both for Ipsos itself – and its many clients.

Ben Page, Ipsos CEO said “ESG is increasingly important for us as professionals, for our clients, investors and for the society we want to live in. Lauren Demar will accelerate our actions in this field with the energy and the integrity she is recognized for.”

Lauren Demar commented “I am thrilled to be leading this important mission for Ipsos. We are uniquely positioned to provide clients with a true understanding of society, markets and people, which is job number one when embarking on an ESG journey. Our evidence and expertise allow clients to drive their sustainability and societal impact agenda, enabling Ipsos to contribute to the creation of a more sustainable and prosperous future for people and the planet.”

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