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MIR M, Wemade’s Blockbuster Mobile MMORPG, Starts Pre-registration

Wemade is starting pre-registration today for its blockbuster mobile MMORPG MIR M: Vanguard and Vagabond (MIR M).

MIR M added a modernized twist to the original IP, The Legend of Mir 2, and is a sequel to MIR4, the most popular blockchain game in the world. It launched in Korea back in June and was ranked in Top Games and Top Grossing charts on Google Play and Apple App Store.

It followed the 8-grid and quarter-view of the original game and used advanced technology to apply high quality graphics.

The new growth-system called Mandala frees players from the conventional battle/growth-oriented gameplay and allows a new level of MMORPG playing.

MIR M Global will launch with a subname ‘MIR M: Vanguard and Vagabond’. Players can choose to become a vanguard, a battle-friendly character which focuses on power and politics, or a vagabond, which concentrates on dungeon adventures, gathering, mining and fishing.

MIR M Global will launch in 170 countries excluding Korea and China. The global version will utilize DOGMA, the governance token, and DRONE, the game token, and create an inter-game economy using HYDRA.

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