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Jetsynthesys named Krafton’s ex-Head Anuj Tandon as CEO of Gaming

Jetsynthesys named Krafton’s ex-Head Anuj Tandon as CEO of Gaming.

The digital gaming and technology company is well-known in the Indian mobile gaming market with a series like Real Cricket and partnerships with famous people like the legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.

Tandon’s employment coincides with a period of significant expansion for the Indian mobile gaming business. India is expected to overtake China as the new global leader in mobile gaming due to a predicted fall in the world’s largest mobile market, which is currently in China. It appears that Jetsynthesys is aware of this and is attempting to hire veteran staff to position the business for the impending major surge.

Anuj has Previously worked with businesses like NODWIN Gaming, Kuku FM, Loco, Tamatem Games, and others in his prior capacities. With investments totaling more than INR 1100 Crores, he successfully developed a media and entertainment ecosystem that included gaming for KRAFTON.

He formerly held the positions of Head of Mobile Game Publishing & Marketing at Nazara Technologies and India CEO at YOOZOO Games. In the beginning of his career, he also co-founded Rolocule Games, which Dream11 eventually purchased.

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