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Instant Loan Platform #mPokket Launches #mPoweringYourPocket and #mPoweringYourDreams Campaign

mPokket – India’s leading and one of the fastest-growing lending platforms – today announced the launch of its social media campaigns #mPoweringYourPocket and #mPoweringYourDreams. The campaigns highlight the company’s initiatives in empowering customers and employees this festive season. 

As part of the product-centric campaign, the brand has launched teasers to showcase how mPokket has been financially empowering the youth of India through hassle-free instant loans. In the LinkedIn campaign, #mPoweringYourDreams, employees of the organization highlight how mPokket’s initiatives are boosting their confidence at the workplace and providing them with an open space to showcase their talent and share ideas.

Speaking on the launch of the campaign, Gaurav JalanFounder & CEOmPokket, said, “We wanted to align our social media presence with the Company’s core business values and work ethics. Our team has been working tirelessly to ensure the disbursal of flexible and paperless loans to help individuals manage financial emergencies in time. The social media campaigns and hashtags reiterate this message, thanking employees for driving our growth since inception.” 

mPokket has been financially empowering the youth through their instant loan disbursal process, lending amounts from Rs500 to Rs30,000. Their social media campaign encapsulates this theme through the strong message of facilitating financial independence for users. As part of its campaign, mPokket ran an engaging contest, asking its audience to guess the hashtag they would be introducing. mPokket will be giving out exciting gift vouchers to the top 3 winners who guess the hashtag correctly. Besides this, the brand has come up with an amusing comic strip that addresses diverse concerns and stigmas associated with instant loans. The post captures how mPokket acts as a handy companion in helping college students and young professionals meet their end-of-the-month cash crunch.

Additionally, to highlight the different initiatives taken by the Company to boost employee morale and satisfaction, mPokket has launched a special LinkedIn campaign. This shows how the team amplifies the ethos of enthusiasm and resonates with the team-building spirit through several fun activities and competitions held regularly. With its robust ambition of turning into a truly diverse, people-driven company, mPokket has incorporated the essence of inclusivity and equitability among its employees.

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