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Mobavenue drives volumes for online gaming in India

Mobavenue, a high-performance user acquisition platform, is at the forefront of helping its gaming sector clients acquire new high-quality users with the ability to spend and further enhance the stickiness of the platform.

The Indian online gaming sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors attracting investments and young talents. The gaming market size in the country, as per 2020 data, was $1.8bn, around 86% of which is mobile gaming, and is expected to reach the $5bn mark by 2025. In 2021, nearly half of Indian internet users participated in online gaming. Of the 846 million internet users in India, 433 million play games, the second largest base of online gamers in the world after China, surpassing the USA.

The gaming industry in India is increasing mainly because of the “mobile first” phenomenon, whereby companies build their applications with mobile users in mind and later adapt to larger screens. The meteoric rise in gaming is primarily due to cheaper and faster internet access with an increase in quality games & mobile devices. The most significant contributors to the scene are the massive marketing efforts undertaken by gaming companies.

Mobavenue has worked with numerous gaming companies nationally and internationally, optimising customer acquisition spending while simultaneously scaling up the overall revenue & performance metrics. The company helps to surge the user base, improve presence through branding and expand the markets to newer audiences for its clients. Mobavenue utilises its in-house proprietary product suites to improve efficiency and brand performance to amplify sales and meet the defined objectives.



The Indian gaming industry is at an exciting juncture. Monetization is still at a nascent stage. Massive growth opportunity exists with a lot of headroom across key drivers like internet availability, adoption, and monetization. For companies, it is essential to choose the right genre, enhance engagement levels and devise an ideal monetization strategy for industry success. At Mobavenue, with a team of experts, we thoroughly understand the gaming industry and have consistently delivered results helping clients achieve scale and formulate growth strategies. We are a 360° platform performing as a managed service for brands. We help our clients drive the highest quality users with our proprietary machine learning and AI technology, creating brand awareness and improving retention. As a holistic growth company, we provide a value exchange between users and app developers to maximize user engagement by running growth marketing campaigns,” said Tejas Rathod, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Mobavenue Media Private Limited.

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