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Siyaram’s re-emphasizes coming home this Diwali

Is Diwali really complete without family? In this heartfelt video, Siyaram’s captures the emotion of coming home to your family, and reminds you of the culture and tradition of celebrating diwali together.


As a strong Indian brand, Siyaram’s is known for its values and connection with the culture. This film is an attempt to recall the brand roots of coming home.

Commenting on the video, Prashant Awasthi, Head of Marketing at Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd. said, “Being away from family and home during this most important festival of the year is difficult for a lot of people. This insight reflects the lives of a lot of working folks. Capturing that sentiment, through this purposefully simple, but powerful film we wanted to bring focus on the people living in cities and states away from home and family, and their desire to celebrate Diwali in togetherness.”

Gautam Anand, Head of Content at AGENCY09 adds, “Diwali is all about togetherness. We wanted to capture the sentiment of the season with a simple message of coming home to your loved ones.”

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