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Acer India celebrates the special bond of father-daughter in its new Diwali campaign

Ahead of Diwali, Acer India has launched its new film conceptualised by Contract Advertising. The short video follows the emotions of a father as he is about to meet his daughter for Diwali after she married someone of her choice without his permission. But over the course of meeting her new family, the father discovers that the daughter’s world is indeed one of happiness and prosperity.

Acer India wishes to celebrate such a world and the joy of being a part of it in more ways than one.

The film starts with the father being grumpy about going to meet his daughter and her new family since she had married without consulting him. He worries about if his son-in-law will care for her or even take the necessary steps for her asthma. But as the parents enter the new home and their world, they see the little ways in which the young couple care for and complement each other. Acer is a trusted part of their new lives opening the doors to better health and wealth, representing true prosperity. The reunion does soften the father’s stance towards his son-in-law and we see him even playing a part in invoking more prosperity in their lives.

According to Sooraj Balakrishnan, Head of Marketing for Acer India,Diwali is a season of many emotions across generations – We tapped into the joy of reuniting a multi-cultural Indian family for the biggest festival of the year. As a brand that many Indians trust when it comes to prosperity, Acer is delighted to present this heartwarming story where a father-daughter reconnects during Diwali. And the part that we play in this story and in real life, is to empower a prosperous life for all in aspects of the health of wealth.”

The video:


Creative agency: Contract Advertising

Production House: Farbe Productions

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