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ECOVACS ROBOTICS namedYami Gautam as brand ambassador

Bollywood star Yami Gautam has been named as ECOVACS Robotics’ first Indian brand ambassador. ECOVACS Robotics is a pioneer in home service robotics. In keeping with the brand’s spirit, Yami will take a leading role in promoting the brand’s history of innovation and robotic change in the Indian market.

The partnership with Yami Gautam will mirror the brand’s vision of ‘Robotics for All’ with ECOVACS’ full range of home service robotics. As the brand ambassador, Yami will have a crucial role in revolutionizing customer recall, supporting the vision of creating accessibility and promoting the availability of robotics technology in India for the audience. Through her evolved audience, ECOVACS is optimistic to expand its horizons in the country and continue the innovation in smart robotics.


The brand has signed multi-platform advertising and marketing campaigns with the actress and has released its first film, mirroring the pulse of most households in the country. Summing the messy moments that one may witness, the film unveils all the hero DEEBOT offerings made by the brand to the Indian market. Through the partnership, ECOVACS and Yami Gautam together aim to simplify lives with tech and robotic advancements in India.

The film will be live across all social media and other digital platforms.

Commenting on the association, Mr. Johnny Zhu, Vice President of Overseas Business and Global Brand, ECOVACS ROBOTICS shares, “We are thrilled to name Yami Gautam as our Indian Brand Ambassador that shall open newer realms for us in the country. Her confident, go-getter and futuristic charisma abundantly amuses the audience. Yami also shares the same vision of the brand to champion home innovation for all and ECOVACS is looking forward to driving the robotics industry a punch above weight by this.”

“ECOVACS will continue to strengthen the global integration efforts and improve overseas business performance, especially in the Indian market. We see great potential and scope of innovation for the Indian market and are extremely optimistic to simplify lives with robotic technology. ECOVACS plans to invest more in the Indian market over the next few years, with the goal of keeping the leading position in the region,” he further added.

Becoming a part of the brand, Actress Yami Gautam shares, “I am happy to be a part of ECOVACS, a brand with a rich legacy of over two decades that has grown from a visionary startup into a global corporation. The brand is not only a market leader when it comes to tech but also for helping people lead easier lives. With this partnership, I am positive to make an impact through exemplary products series for today’s families and individuals.”

Yami Gautam has made her space in the Indian film industry with her diligence and grit. The actress has as many as five projects lined up for release and has shown no sign of slowing down after receiving rave reviews for her latest thriller – A Thursday.

Yami will be focused on promoting the DEEBOT portfolio of the brand – the DEEBOT X1 OMNI & the DEEBOT N8-Series. With the powerful OMNI Station, OZMOTM Turbo dual-spinning mopping system, DEEBOT X1 OMNI features hands-free voice control AI Voice Assistant YIKO and revolutionizes home cleaning. Further, it can be controlled remotely while it streams video to your phone, turning it into an assistant for you to interact with your pet at home.  The DEEBOT N8-Series of robot vacuums with OZMO™ mopping include TrueMapping laser mapping capabilities and unmatched object detection, adding supercharged suction power and compatibility with Auto-Empty Station.

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