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MX Player celebrates employee well-being on the occasion of World Mental Health Day

MX Player continues to stay invested in its employees and their well-being in a bid to consolidate its position as a company equally recognized for its workplace and work-life culture. In addition to consistently stepping up employee wellness benefits under the MaX Wellth programme, MX Player hosted a series of activities to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week from 3rd to 10th October.

Conscious of its employee’s needs, MX Player kickstarted its week-long program with awareness building initiatives that included an interactive conversation with its emotional wellness partner, YourDOST. The session was led by Richa Singh, the founder of the mental wellness and online counselling platform, YourDOST. Starting with some interesting ice-breaking activities, the conversation included discussions on stress, seeking help and busting myths around mental wellbeing. The session also announced the launch of a ‘Happiness Corner’ on the YourDOST platform for MX Player employees, starting from 10th October, World Mental Health Day. The Happiness Corner will serve as a multi-faceted resource to keep the MX workforce motivated and encouraged.  The Happiness Corner will be equipped with resources like self-assessments, virtual interest-based groups, and a happiness tool kit, in addition to a host of activities like puzzles, games, venting walls, journals etc.

Speaking on MX Player’s continued focus on initiatives that promote emotional and physical stability, Anjani B Kuumar, Global HR Head at MX Player said, “At MX Player, we are an employee first organisation. Our policies are progressive and are aimed to bring out the best in our talent.  We are deeply invested in our employees and their families as we believe that we will excel as a company only when our employees excel.  Every step is an attempt to build MX Player as an organisation that nurtures talent and leaders in a manner that brings the best out in them.”

MX Player’s MaX Wealth program caters to holistic wellness – Emotional Well-being, Physical Well-being and Medical Care. In addition to meeting the wellness needs of employees and their families, MaX Wealth ensures seamless use of well-being services, customisation and flexibility in terms of benefits being opted for, and most importantly, complete confidentiality. As part of the MaX Wellth program, MX Player is in partnership with YourDOST for mental wellness and provides all services of the platform free of cost to employees and their family members, which includes 24*7 online guidance from over 1000 experts.

 “Our approach towards wellbeing for employees includes all aspects- physical and mental. This is reflected in not just our policies, but the kind of culture we have fostered at MX Player- one that encourages our employees to lead with empathy and kindness. While we already have resources and partnerships with best-in-class service providers, awareness initiatives like the Mental Health Awareness Week help us encourage open conversation around mental well-being and happiness,” remarked Anjani, about building a culture that puts employee well-being at the forefront.