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EVA named Rashmika Mandanna as brand ambassador

EVA, announces Rashmika Mandanna, as their brand ambassador. Celebrating every woman’s unique personality, EVA launches its all-new brand film, featuring Rashmika and reiterating its tagline, “With EVA, Special Happens”. The brand boasts about its robust product attributes and the all-new brand film encapsulates the most essential phase in a young girl’s life where she is beginning to fulfill her dreams with immense enthusiasm. Rashmika Mandanna, the national sensation, has gained success on both critical and commercial fronts as she has starred in several successful projects, elevating her benchmark with every character she so confidently enacted. With a diverse line-up of films, there has been a growing fanbase showering their affection not only from a specific region but across the country.

Representing this young, everyday girl that comes with her share of moments of self-doubt, the film opens with Rashmika seated in the outdoor campus, noticing a theatrical performance by her friends as they practice choreographed dance moves. Just as she is about to join the fun and frolic, Rashmika is overcome with a wave of self-doubt and demotivating thoughts, that are voiced by her own conscience, representing thoughts that crop up to every young ambitious girl, ready to conquer the world and stand out, however, is overly conscious about her looks and how she conducts herself.

Contesting with self-doubts and apprehensions, Rashmika, the EVA Girl, unveils her secret to her renewed confidence by pulling out her ever-supportive and confidence-restoring EVA. She goes on to spraying the fragrance and puts all her inner self-doubts to rest. Thwarting her negative thoughts, Rashmika leaves a trail of freshness that enchants the entire dance group as she walks past all her insecurities and joins her friends to do a choreographed performance with a beaming smile and confidence to match.

Relying on the mesmerizing floral, fruity, and woody fragrances that leave a long-lasting scent, EVA uplifts the mood and brings positivity with each spritz. The campaign subtly highlights the superlative features of the product through the representation of what positivity and confidence truly looks like with EVA deodorants, reiterating the ideology that With EVA, Special Happens.

Speaking about her association with EVA, Rashmika Mandanna comments, “I have always strongly believed that confidence and positivity comes from within you. I find myself drawn to moments, people and products that exude positivity and uplift me every step of the way. While I love the fragrance and how it helps me improve my mood, EVA tells a larger story that normalizes moments of self-doubt and self-discovery that occur in every young woman’s journey in life. Partnering with EVA, a brand that so perfectly represents young Indian girls and their unique and one-of-a-kind personalities as they come of age, is a very fulfilling experience. I look forward to telling their story and helping girls find that little dose of confidence they need in key moments, with a single spray of EVA”

Commenting on the announcement and brand film, Vishal Vyas, Head of Marketing, EVA says, “Our primary mission has always been to prioritize our brand in a way to extend positivity and elevate one’s confidence through EVA’s usability. Partnering with Rashmika Mandanna, a candidly positive person has been a pleasure. We are grateful to have her on board as the brand ambassador of EVA as she brings the newness and fresh perspective to the film and we believe special happens for the brand with this special partnership”

EVA is a girl’s friend that aids in personal enhancement making it accessible to every young girl with a plethora of products and variants. From feel-good fragrances to supple lips, EVA is all a girl needs to keep their day to night self-care covered. Elevating the young girl’s confidence, the deodorants are a game-changer that helps them put their best foot forward with just about few handy essentials. Providing with skin-friendly and 0% alcohol deodarants, lip balms for dry lips, chapsticks for the perfect tint and moisturization, and talcs to keep the skin non-greasy and fresh, EVA Girl is truly the one-stop solution to a fresh spin from sunrise to sunset.

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