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IDFC FIRST Bank and Mirchi Join Hands to Celebrate the Teachers that Always Put You First in a Gratitude Campaign

A steadfast teacher is said to be one of the early authors contributing to a person’s success. To celebrate the teachers who put their students first and motivated them to live better lives, IDFC FIRST Bank partnered with Mirchi, to launch a heartfelt gratitude campaign for Teacher’s Day by sharing impactful stories of special student-teacher relationships.

The campaign started with Mirchi Jocks, talking about the importance of teachers and their inspiring efforts towards students’ triumphs. The RJs invited listeners to share their heart-warming stories about the teachers who have inspired them to do better in their lives. The stories were then celebrated by the RJs, along with the teacher and the student, and amplified through radio promosand on social media.

The campaign’s second phase then went on to identify special student-teacher pairs, with the most impactful story, from all the anecdotes received from listeners. These pairs were then invited over to Mirchi studios for a special celebration. The teacher was escorted to the studios in luxury sedans, amidst moments of joy and surprise and the students, who shared the stories, welcomed their teachers in a poignant reunion.

The pair then engaged in colourful celebrations, following which they were invited into the recording studio for a quick chat with the RJs after which they proceeded towards a photo-op, to preserve the memory of this beautiful moment.

The final phase of the campaign was held on Teacher’s Day, September 5, when sound bytes from the conversations between the student-teacher pair and the RJs were played during a special segment of the morning show and videos of the entire campaign conducted across Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad were uploaded to social media. Testimonial promos of students thanking their teachers for inspiring them as well as thanking IDFC FIRST Bank for the opportunity to share their message were aired on Mirchi radio stations while RJs talked about the impactful campaign and reminisced stories of their own teachers during the show. The campaign concluded with a grand video, showcasing the Teacher’s Day celebrations across the five cities, and was uploaded on Mirchi’s National page, to spread the message of cherishing and celebrating the teachers that put Always Put You First.

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