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Concept PR wins communication mandate for HOUM Technology

Concept PR, an integrated communications and public relations consultancy firm, has been tasked with providing public relations and brand communication support to HOUM Technology, a tech start-up that offers a private online space (digital home) to netizens worldwide.

Houm is a global consumer internet product that creates categories at the intersection of Web 3.0, Private Communication, and Data Monetization. It enables each consumer to create and own a private internet space (digital home) with a personal domain that no other person, system, or bot (including Houm Technology) can access, enabling the creation of a completely decentralised ecosystem.

“Concept PR was the only agency who could show what Houm should do from a marketing perspective. Their Technology & Startups team impressed us with their belief in our Web 3.0 Product and the understanding of the tech industry at large. I look forward to this partnership and the journey ahead,” said Bijaei Jayaraj, CEO, Houm Technology Private Limited.

The PR mandate for Houm Technology Private Limited includes strategic communications and crisis management.

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