tvwnewsindia logo, a brand forward Influencer Marketing Agency targets 100 brands this year, a brand forward influencer marketing agency that provides strategy and creative ideation under the ambit of advocacy services, is looking to onboard 100 brands this year which are looking for more from their Influencer Marketing Partners.

With content and advocacy now blanketing the world, marketing dynamics have shifted to influencer marketing with a consistent above 25% growth (CAGR). As consumers get more and more saturated with information overload, 24×7, brands, and marketers are reaching out to influencers to access and target their hyper-niche audiences. Influencers today are better able to connect with community and audiences far more effectively and leverage millions of internet users in the country by creating content and conversations that are personal and unique to them, have a stronger connection, and are localised (be it language or other cultural context). Another shift that has taken place is the monetization of various social media platforms that gives marketers and brands the opportunity to exhibit their brands, convey their messages and weave their stories right into the consumer’s mind space.

Speaking about the state of Influencer Marketing, Anshul Duggal, Founder & CEO at said, “As per a study, 78% of brands spend more than 20% of their entire marketing budgets on Influencer Marketing. And we are seeing this tectonic shift in India and other emerging markets as well. We have also observed that increasingly marketing leaders and founders are looking for Influencer Marketing partners who keep Brand Strategy and Creative Thinking in the driving seat. This is not a very new gap, in fact, me and my co-founders started more than a year ago, to primarily address this need, which has only grown multifold since. Brands are seeking out partners like us who come with a strong Brand Strategy and Creative expertise within the Advocacy space. This combined with the macro environment continues to fuel our growth and this year our team of experts across the globe will be helping more than 100 brands spark authentic conversations around their narrative.”

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