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Globale Media launches GMX – A programmatic self- serve cloud based platform

Globale Media, the leading AI-driven mobile advertising platform announced the launch of GMX – a programmatic self-serve cloud-based platform. In a vastly heterogeneous world where audience tastes are changing all the time, GMX will offer advanced targeting such as gender-based, geo-fencing, age-based, campaign scheduling, device type, and more to ensure that ads serve the right audience enabled by its unique audience segmentation. This unique tool gives advertisers complete control over their strategy and thereby helps them to generate revenue, create engaging experiences and connect with the audience. Advertisers can achieve their KPIs and ROI goals and be on top of the price they bid for an ad. GMX has a vast audience spread across India, South East Asia, the Middle East, Russia, and the Latin American region with over a billion daily active users.

Speaking on the launch of GMX, Bhavesh Talreja, Founder – Globale Media said, “We are absolutely delighted to launch GMX – a platform that we are launching to give maximum benefit to our advertisers. This platform will help them reach their target audience, optimize their campaigns, and get the highest ROIs by bidding on our variety of offerings such as Keyboard Search Ads, Appography-based P2P Apps, and App Discovery. GMX will provide detailed and insightful data, which will help them understand campaign performances on a granular basis, analyze the results of campaigns and make changes as and when needed. With GMX real-time dashboard, our clients will now be able to gain full control over their ad campaigns and get the highest ROI over their ad spend.”

There are many advantages to opting for GMX over a traditional DSP. GMX charges clients at CPCU (Cost per converted user) and CPM cost models and limits the supply for the amount of traffic, whereas traditional DSP would have hidden margins and fees. This platform not only gives advertisers log-level access but also a direct connection to any RTB-enabled supply partner of their choice. A traditional DSP is highly restricted with no scope for customization, but GMX will let advertisers bring their data, algorithms, and branding and will work under their domains and API connections. Also, it gives them heightened privacy as all data belongs only to the client.

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