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Nova Realtime Solutions LLP hosts an Open House Session on Organization Growth and Brand Building

Nova Realtime Solutions LLP, a business communication enterprise curated an open house session in Kolkata on 9th July, 2022 Saturday. The subject of discussion was, ‘Correlation between Organization Growth and Brand Building’

The Panelist Constituted of Vishal Agarwal, CEO of Rajesh Medical & Company, Bimal Samal, Executive Director of BNI Kolkata CBD A & North, Namrata Mitra, Founder of Namrata Weaves, Shyam Agarwal, Partner of R.G. Agarwala & Co and Rahul Rungta, Chief Mentor & Trainer at Seekho Digital.

Every organisation or business wants customers who recognize their brand and use it for their needs. They all want to create customers who continue to come back most of the time. With an impactful branding, the organisations can create a brand which looks valuable, credible and useful. One which customers can relate to more than the ones which do not focus on creating brand visibility. There is definitely a correlation to the usefulness of brand building for an organisations growth“, said Sunil Goenka, Curator and Co-Founder, Nova Realtime Solutions.

The Session was moderated by Sourav Bhandari, Director of Hari Om Udyog. The Panelist harped on the relevance of Branding core to the organisation growth, also it was agreed in unison by all, brand building need not be opulence driven, it is mainly about building credibility and visibility with stakeholders.

Sunil Goenka, added that brand building is an important tool for organisations to drive growth and be relevant in their work domain.

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