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SBI General Insurance named Shri Paritosh Tripathi as MD & CEO

Paritosh Tripathi has been named Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of SBI General Insurance. He was appointed on July 5, 2022, after being nominated by the parent company, the State Bank of India. He takes over for Shri P.C. Kandpal, who has been promoted to DMD (P&RE) at the State Bank of India’s Corporate Center.

Tripathi is now in charge of the overall business strategy and growth of SBI General Insurance, as well as operations, budgets, and strategic growth.

Paritosh Tripathi has more than 32 years of diverse banking experience. He spent the first half of his banking career primarily in the MSME and mid-corporate segments, and the second half of his career primarily in International Banking and Bancassurance.

Prior to joining SBI General Insurance, Paritosh Tripathi worked for State Bank of India as GM Operations, Internal Banking Group, and also served on the boards of Sterling Bank, Nigeria, and SBI Canada. He was Head bancassurance from 2017 to 2020, first with SBI Mutual Fund and then with SBI General Insurance.Prior to that, he was Head FI Relationship (East Asia) in Hong Kong and CEO SBI DIFC Branch in Dubai. Before taking up these international roles, he was with SBI Delhi Circle where he handled various assignments in the bank.

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