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CloudTailor named Dev Kakkad as Head of Consumer Activation & Brand Partnership

Mohalla Tech has appointed Udit Sharma as chief revenue officer for its social media platforms Sharechat, Moj and TakatakDev Kakkad has been hired by CloudTailor, a direct-to-consumer business that offers fashion solutions and personalised tailoring for women around the world, to lead consumer activation and brand partnerships.

Dev has over 10 years of expertise and is qualified to manage end-to-end customer acquisition, brand partnership, CRM/Loyalty Programme Management, B2C Marketing campaigns, and a full spectrum of operational tasks. He was a sales and marketing head for Zee Entertainment Enterprises in the past.

His new role at CloudTailor will be that of heading the entire Consumer Activation & Brand Partnership for the brand. His responsibilities will include identifying and defining the growth plan that will take the business to the next level and bring stakeholder groups together to identify and build impactful solutions, providing strategic marketing expertise and innovative expertise to successfully drive revenue and brand awareness for national and international venues.

Dev shared his views on the appointment “I am immensely excited to join CloudTailor, and lead Activation & Brand Partnership. As I step into this new role, my main objective will be to drive growth by exploring different avenues through omni channel initiatives. I believe my expertise in B2C marketing campaigns, brand partnership, and customer acquisition would benefit the brand and pave the way for future growth”

Adding to this Mahesh Patel, Co-Founder at Cloudtailor said, “To continue the customer acquisition journey and to meet CloudTailor’s massive growth ambition, I’m pleased to welcome Dev Kakkad to the team to lead Activation and Brand Partnership. Dev comes with vast experience in marketing and has deep knowledge of how to build a strong customer acquisition channel and understand the customer’s needs. On the journey to make CloudTailor a household brand for every woman for their personalised fashion and tailoring, I’m confident that Dev will be a great asset to CloudTailor and will take Activation and Brand Partnership to the next level”

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