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AgNext named Rohit Pajni as Chief Business Officer

Rohit Pajni has joined AgNext Technologies, an agritech startup, as Chief Operations Officer (CBO) to lead its local and international agri-trade business.

He formerly oversaw ITC’s operations and national supply chain for its wheat division. He was in charge of growing the external business portfolio in domestic and international markets as well as the company’s top brands, including Aashirvaad and Sunfeast. In order to increase competitiveness, drive agility, and improve efficiency, he also served as the anchor for ITC’s commodity business’ digital transformation of sourcing and supply chain.

Taranjeet Singh Bhamra, Founder & CEO, AgNext Technologies stated on the announcement, “Rohit has led an illustrious career in leading and driving agri-trade operations, value chain management and business development at ITC. He is a forward-thinking business leader who has anchored many first-of-their-kind digital transformation initiatives during his career. Here at AgNext, he will tap into this experience to develop and scale our businesses, both in India and globally, to keep pace with the increased demand for our integrated solutions. Rohit will lead and strengthen our business expansion efforts, and will also build power-packed high performance teams to drive large-scale programs across the country.”

”It is our pleasure to welcome Rohit to the team and together, we aim to scale our mission of enabling quality-based food trade and ensuring quality food for billions!,” he further added.

Rohit Pajni said, “AgNext has successfully established technological excellence to tackle nuanced challenges in agricultural trade. The company is on a rapid growth path to massively scale these solutions across agri-food supply chains for multiple commodities, across the country and beyond. This will bring in significant productivity and profitability gains for all stakeholders in the ecosystem. I am delighted to join the leadership team at AgNext and be a part of their bold mission to transform global food trade.”

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