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OMTV named Sahil Kiran Vaidya as Head of Business & Strategy

Sahil Kiran Vaidya has been named Head of Business and Strategy by OMTV, the “sanatan” storytelling platform.

Vaidya’s primary skill will be expanding the subscriber base and reaching out to a wider audience through various innovative ideas. In this new position, he will be responsible for the overall expansion of the firm through various associations and collaborations. He will be in charge of managing content syndication and income creation.

Vaidya is a business executive with 20 years of experience who has a track record of working in the marketing and digital sectors. Prior to this, he was the DGM Operator Alliances for VSERV.

Commenting on the new role, Vaidya said, “Thrilled, excited to be a significant part of OMTV. It’s content with knowledge, pride and enlightenment. I have a firm belief that very soon OMTV is going to be competing with the top most OTT platforms in India. It shall soon spread its wide wings across the globe. When Nitin and I discussed this whole proposition for the first time I just remember saying one word on the opportunity “Enormous”. Going forward there will be challenges but nothing can withstand the strength of OMTV.”

Nitin Jai Shukla, Founder and MD of OMTV, said, “I’m excited to have Sahil as a significant part of OMTV, he will add to the growth of the company with his enormous experience in the media industry. We have ambitious growth plans to expand and monetise the content as we are ready with our first original big-ticket show. Right now, we are a free app and soon with OMTV originals and library of our acquired content we will be coming in the market in a big way. Sahil has huge experience in syndicating the content and with his expertise I’m sure OMTV is bound to grow leaps and bounds.”

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