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Ed-Tech player PrepInsta named Manish Agarwal as CMO

Manish Agarwal has been promoted to Chief Marketing Officer by Ed-Tech player PrepInsta, where he also now holds the title of Co-Founder. Agarwal, who previously oversaw the brand’s commercial growth, will now now oversee its marketing initiatives.

The change comes in response to the brand’s recent declaration that it would aggressively expand its network of university partnerships and user base.

Agarwal intends to be forceful in his new position, both with the mainstream and in local communications. He will be incorporating vernacular communication into the marketing plan in order to reach the prospective audience in tier 2 of India. His attention will also be on effective digital marketing to boost platform traction.

On his new role Manish Agarwal, Co-Founder and CMO, PrepInsta said “Edtech space is growing at an unexpected pace, and amidst this it is very important to catch up with continuous innovation and ideas. In India, the one who cuts a sustainable slice of tier 2 might stand out for longer, therefore, there was a dire need for business development targets to stay in sync with marketing approach. We at PrepInsta, have some ambitious objectives for the ongoing fiscal, and therefore we are upgrading our management structure which fits the larger plan. We are sure this is going to produce some fruitful results for the entire team, and I could not be more excited about my new responsibilities as the CMO.”  

Manish has secured a BTech (ECE) from Vellore Institute of Technology. He started his professional career with Accenture as an ASE, working as MainFrames Developer for a reputed Insurance Client, post which he joined PrepInsta.

“Manish has a very clear approach towards the company’s targets, and with his insights on the industry he is all geared up to drive the marketing front completely. Being the third most funded startups sector in India, edtech has a lot of opportunities, but so is the competition. Awareness and content quality are two main factors that break the ice for any brand. We are glad that our co-founder is handholding the first important factor for us.”, said Atulya Kaushik, Co-Founder & CEO, PrepInsta. 

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